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1981 Ironhorse Dirt Burner

1981 Ironhorse Dirt Burner

Well I got there in the end. Some of you may remember me buying my third iron horse. Anyway, ive being at it for a year now. It has being very hard to get this close to spec. The frame was actually blue to start off with, but my second iron horse I had was metallic red. And Ive regretted ever since getting rid of the bike a couple of years back, so when this turned up I couldn't miss out on it. The chrome work is all original, the zinced areas have being polished to death, it took me ages. I even cleaned up the original wheel nuts as theyre unique. Id like to say a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIG thanks to essemdesigns for the amazing padset, that is the first one to be reproduced! dwab4, retrospect, and some other members. LMK what you think

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