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1994 Hoffman Big Daddy

1994 Hoffman Big Daddy

Ramp Room Hoffman

I picked this up a little while ago as a semi complete bike. The frame was in great condition and in a colour I had never seen before however most of the parts were not to my taste. I sold off most of the components and built it up to my own spec. The theme with this build was to have a bike that would be the perfect miniramp and flatland bike back in 94. Im pretty happy with how it turned out but might make a few changes as and when other parts become available.

I have uploaded more pics in the comments section:

Spec is as follows:
Frame: 94 Hoffman Big Daddy in Nickel colour 
Fork: 94 Hoffman Big Daddy Forks in Chrome
Bars: Hoffman Low Drag
Headset: Tioga
Stem: TNT inverted
Gyro: Odyssey Gyro II
Levers: Dia Compe Tech 77
Front Brake: Dia Compe 883
Rear Brake: Dia Compe AD990
Girps: ODI Longneck
Seat Clamp: Hutch
Seat Post: Chrome Strait
Seat: Primo Steroid Saddle
Cranks: GT 3 piece
Sprocket: Graveyard 43T
Pedals: GT DX Style
Chain: Chrome Izumi
Wheels: Peregrine Super Pro's
Tyres: NOS primo V Monsters (Not Repop's)
Pegs: Standard Bykes Grenades

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