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1987 Haro Master

1987 Haro Master

My new rider

I traded away my 87 rider frameset and acquired this one. Most parts were moved over to this one.The powdered frame will with stand more abuse.The new Redline flights,Peregrine clamp,and 9/16 pedals were exchanged for light parts described below.

This bike was built using parts that best accomodates my riding. I used the parts that were either my favorite and or light weight.The one piece crank was used also because they offer me the flex I like and they tend to run lighter than 3 piece cranks. I'm not gonna break opc's doing the Flatland I ride so it's cool.

  The Odyssey seat clamp(felt lighter than the Peregrine clamp) is what I ran bitd so that came off my old bike and was used here. About 6 inches was cut off the no name cro-mo seat post for weight reasons again. My favorite pedal of all the KKT was used with my cranks.

This isn't a bike for the purist but it makes a really comfortable light weight rider for me.



Thnx for looking.


Weighing in at 29.5 lbs

**This bike tends to still run a little heavy (but still doable) primarily because of the heavy wheels. Large spokes and 14mm axels. I'm in the process of swithching them out for regular sized Super Pro's. This should put me down around the 27 LB range.**


1987 Haro Master F&F's  (Powdered at C-4 Labs with C-4 Decals)

1988 Haro Master Kneesaver Handlebars. (powdered at C4)

Haro Group 1 stem

Dia compe mx22 front brake lever

Dia Compe tech 77 rear lever

Ame grips

Odyssey 2 Gyro

Odyssey cables

Tioga 2 Beartrap headset

Tioga Task Force Headlock

Peregrine Hp 48's to Peregrine Phat Jack hubs. Heavy Gauge spokes

1986-7 Odyssey seat clamp

Generic cro-mo seat post.(cut down)

Dominator seat. Reproduction

80's Haro Fu-Pao cro-mo 175mm crank

80's KKT pedals

80's Peregrine Disc

Kmc chain

Dia-compe 990 rear brake

Dia-compe 883 front


Submitted by mdeltab

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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