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1988 Haro Team Master

1988 Haro Team Master

This was originally a Turg/Mint Team Master when I got it. I liked the Coral/Black Masters but wanted something totally different and original. Something nobody else has. Call it the 'Halloween' Team

I worked long and hard on this baby and she's finally done. I wanted a bike that looked good as both a rider and something I could show off to my friends. I don't need a fully NOS, era correct, show bike so I mixed it up a bit and jammed some Dave Mirra bars on it and modern versions of the olds stuff like Double Pinch Flights, new Tuffs and Gyro 3. I think the Dave Mirra bars make it even more wicked. I got a NOS Dominator and a nice DK Stem on it to. Just waiting on my Peregrine Clamp to come in but I think the Black Fusion clamp looks pretty good. That's the Sydney Opera House in the background. Too beautiful of a day to not take some good photos of my baby.

'88 Haro Master F/F (was a Turq/Mint Team Model)

Haro Flip Down Forkstanders

Haro Dave Mirra Bars

DK XL Pro Stem

Tioga BearTrap II Headset

Ame Grips

NOS Dia Compe Tech 77 Levers

Odyssey Gyro 3 and Slic Kables

ACS 860 Polished Front Brakes with ACS Pads and Odyssey Adjuster

Dia Compe AD990 Rear Brakes Polished

NOS Tioga CD Sprocket

Redline Flight Cranks Double Pinch

Izumi Chrome Chain

Redline DX Clone Pedals

Skyway Tuff II Wheels with ACS Claws Freewheel

Primo Monster Skinwalls

Cheapie Chain Tensioners

NOS Odyssey Laid Back Seat Post (painted to match)

Peregrine Silver Seat Post Clamp (not pictured)

NOS Viscount Dominator Seat

Joe's Repro Decals


I have no idea what color that is. I'll call it 'Halloween Orange'. I was going to go with Haro Coral but decided to go with something totally different and original. The pics don't do it justice. Rides smooth as.


Submitted by Con Rad

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Haro
  • Model: Team Master
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"