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1987 GT Pro Performer

1987 GT Pro Performer

87 Pro Performer Survivor

first of all, a BIG thanks to opedogg for passing this gem over to me. one of his many great scores. i still cant believe he left years of grime and dust on it !! id actually prefer it that way. i didnt do much building but it was truly fun cleaning it up. after some degreasing and some detailing, i hit the glossy black paint with a clay bar to remove the overspray. even the mags had some stubborn white paint dots on them. this thing is 100% survivor down to the pads, tires and possibly the tubes. fs stamped. even has the reflectors. i have a set of nos black/tanwall gt freestyle tires and nos front and rear black gt standers but i cant get myself to change anything out or add anything just yet. the hard to find grips are in great shape along with the rest of the bike. the pedals say alot about how a bike was treated and id say it wasnt dropped once. i took a couple tokes back on 4/20 2013 and found this awesome website where i started searching for all the bikes i could never afford as a kid. this was one of them. 4 years later to the day, im posting it :)

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