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1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

1986 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

Just picked this up on ebay. paid $77 bucks for it. i was worried about dropouts from pics but they are really nice, just need to be straightened a tad.

I've got to get it powdercoated.  Haven't decided on the color yet. Maybe dayglo pink.  I am going to part out my performer to build this up, since i found out it was a taiwan model.  might keep both when i'm done.  i had to have the USA made.



I do have another USA made 1987 "FS" on dropout, but the drop outs are pretty bad & it has a chunk out of the frame.  I would love to sell it or trade it for  parts.  I will have to go up to pro membership and do some trading! if the drop outs are worth saving? maybe with some frame standers it would be fine.

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