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GHP (1984–2012)

Greg Hill Products

One of the best! After racing for several companies, and being #1, Greg decided to start his own company. His Father John Hill helped to make them, after dropping Star bmx, which he started. Also Check

GHP - Greg Hill Products was started in 1983 by BMX legend Greg Hill. Greg is one of the best BMX racers of all time. He ruled BMX in the early and mid 80's. And when I say rule - HE RULED. BMX racing was huge at the time and Greg dominated. 4x Number 1 rider award, 5x National Number 1 Pro, Numerous World Championships, and Pro Cruiser Titles, one of the top 3 or 4 winning Pros of all time. The guys is, was, and always will be "The Business Man".

Back to GHP, Greg was riding for GT BMX back in `82 and `83 and ruling BMX. Greg's dad started a small company called Star Products. They made frames, forks, and of course Star Bars. At the end of summer 1983, at the NBL Grand Nationals, Greg Showed up in a new uniform GHP - Greg Hill Products!
GHP made frames forks, seatposts, bikes, and of course Star Bars - one of the best selling bars of all time. Greg relaunched GHP in the fall of 2005. Check out the reviews, or for more.

GHP was founded by Greg Hill in 1983. At that time Greg was the most dominant pro in BMX, winning championships in the ABA, NBL, the ESPN Pro Series, as well as World Championships. Greg continued to dominate BMX through the 80's. After an amazing career, Greg launched the Greg Hill Speed Seminars where he taught amateurs, as well as AA Pros the keys to winning. Greg's passion for racing (and winning) has always driven the GHP brand and products. The goal is the same today as it was at the beginning, make products that win races.




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