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1982 Diamondback Viper

1982 Diamondback Viper

Conversion from 20" to 26 cruiser

My friend offloaded this 20" viper on me. I had this bike as a kid, it was my only "real" bmx and it got stolen (of course). My folks bought me another one which two weeks later was also stolen. 4 years later I got a call from the Compton PD saying they had my bike! Well the frame and fork were mine. Anyway fast forward many years and here is this thing, a mild steel viper the red headed stepchild of the bmx world. Why not cut it up? I've got it ready to build to ride today hopefully and I still need to do some more clean up etc but so far it looks ok. I'm going to ride it around a for a few weeks and work out any bugs before I do the final finish. Stay rad!

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