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1983 Diamondback Formula 1

1983 Diamondback Formula 1

Got there 30 seconds before the scrap metal truck.

Here is a very cool Diamondback. Of all my bikes I covet it the most. It has a very nice Araya wheel set with Suzue hubs. Sugino GT cranks, Sugino stem, Comp III's, nice lay back post, GT seat. Brakes and pedals are not 80's but soon will be. I realy like the 80's forks and very rare (I think) bars. My knees keep hitting the bent cross bar, but it's the price you pay.

Seriously, I pulled up in my car to find this bike in pieces at the end of some one's driveway in Simi Valley, CA. The junk guy pulled up behind me but I beat him to it. The bike needed some love, but in the end.....SWEEEEET...

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