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1975 Cook Bros. Racing

1975 Cook Bros. Racing

One of only a handful of S bar frames built

per Craig Cook;

These cranks were cut and extended (welded) to around 180-181mm which was the only way to go since no company made an aluminum crank this long. There was one French arm, but as I remember they were soft and would not take BMX abuse. That's why we started making our cranks out of billet of 7075 alloy. The front hub was aluminum with large gage spokes. No sealed bearings were used yet. This originally had a single front central gusset, but it had cracking problems so we put these hand made twin gussets. No hole yet and welded on 3 edges. Too slow so we went to the skip welded style with hole (.035 chromoly) for the production bikes. No more problems after that.
I personally bent and welded this prototype test bike.

Submitted by bmxmknudop

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