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1980 Cinelli CMX.1

1980 Cinelli CMX.1

Rare NOS Prototype Cinelli BMX Italian Beauty!

So here's the story of this recent, exhilarating build! About a month ago, I'm sitting in front of my computer searching on FleaBay for anything "BMX", when suddenly I stumble on a new posting about a NOS Prototype Cinelli CMX.1 frame /fork. I read the description and this says "f/f combo was received unpainted and unused, with no gusset or chainstays plugs, and it was painted according to historical records...".  "What?" I ask myself...I look at the seller's feedback and it is impeccable. The source of the post comes from northern Italy, around the area or vicinity of the Cinelli factory. So; I decide to take the listing at face value and not allow my negative inner voice from talking myself out of the deal. Boy, I'm I glad I went with my positive instinct! As soon as I received it, I knew it was a very special combo. Immediately the wheels started spinning inside my head and one thing led to another and I started gathering the parts for this built. I hope you guys like the results thus far. 

 Newly painted, NOS Columbus tubing gold-colored Cinelli (prototype) frame, Cinelli fork, NOS Cinelli seat post held in place by a Campagnolo seatpost bolt, NOS Campagnolo BMX Strada 170mm crankset with 45 teeth Campagnolo chainring attached by NOS Campagnolo chainring bolt set, red plastic Kingsburry pedals, Cinelli-logo dust caps, Campagnolo SS bottom bracket, NOS Weinmann De Luxe 810 rear brake caliper, NOS Weinmann pre-bent red-dot brake lever, new Cinelli Unicanitor plastic saddle, red-anodized Araya 7X rims laced to Sunshine hubs (rebuilt) and finished with Comp II gold-colored tires, NOS Race-Inc. gold-anodized racing handlebar, NOS Redline Brute stem, new re-issued Tange Seiki MX-125 red-anodized headset, new re-issued B1B Oakley grips and NOS red handlebar and top tube vinyl foam pads. The only thing I would like to replace would be the Brute Redline stem with an original Cinelli one (if this ever became available for purchase).

Submitted by Oliverbmx

  • Race
  • Company: Cinelli
  • Model: MX.1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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