Bikes The latest bikes submitted to BMXmuseum. http:// PHP/5.6.30-0+deb8u1 1987 GT Zoot Scoot 12 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>All original. </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT FootJamEndo 1987 GT Zoot Scoot <p><img src="" /></p> <p>SO MINT SO CLEAN SO SO SOLD.......... </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT FootJamEndo 1986 Schwinn Predator Free Form Z <p><img src="" /></p> <p>The Stern </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT ccastile 1992 Haro Group 1 Race Technique <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Super-lite race frame built in Mexico by Kastan </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Chef4130 2005 SE Racing BM Flyer <p><img src="" /></p> <p>29" cruiser </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Scraplord 2003 Standard Bykes 125R 24 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Rare color </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Scraplord 2014 Fit VH 1 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Cool starter for my 10yr old at the time. </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Cool Out 1987 Mongoose Californian <p><img src="" /></p> <p>The Californian from Portland </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Cool Out 2017 Jayhawk 24 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Silver and Gold. </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT elfdoublecross 1979 Robinson Junior <p><img src="" /></p> <p>1979 Robinson Junior frame and fork. Frame has the flat front gusset, not stamped. </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Kenny68 1984 GT Pro Series <p><img src="" /></p><br /> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT fred_rouen 1999 Powerlite P61 Coqpit XL <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Mars Orange Coqpit. USA made 6061-T6 Aluminum frame with Monocoque front end, machined chainstay and seat stay yokes. </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT dramey 1999 Schwinn Pro Stock SE <p><img src="" /></p> <p>One of the most dialed in bikes I currently own.</p> <p>Listed in the FS section </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT BRICKOS2 1997 Dyno Zone <p><img src="" /></p> <p>dyno zone </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Brun 1978 Raleigh Grifter <p><img src="" /></p> <p>grifter as it should have been </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Brun 1983 GT Expert <p><img src="" /></p> <p>1983 GT Expert original frame and original decals. Plan is to restore back to original. No markings on forks, dk stem, mongoose bars, Odi grips </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT JerseyGirlBMX1979 2017 Haro Master Lineage <p><img src="" /></p> <p>21" '17 Master self built</p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT Hwk71 2013 Free Agent Speedway 24 <p><img src="" /></p> <p>My first full build </p> %am, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00thPDT mistawoods 1981 Mongoose MotoMag <p><img src="" /></p> <p>MotoMag copy...sorta. </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00rdPDT ramblinman 1993 GT Interceptor <p><img src="" /></p> <p>Super cheap GT mut </p> %pm, %America/Los_Angeles %b %2017 %PDT -07:00rdPDT ramblinman